Solutions we provide for your business

Strategic IT Planning

Every moment spent planning saves three or four in execution. With over 25 years of IT management, Night Tech creates effective strategic plans to help ensure that your resources and funding can be prioritized for a higher return on investment.

Cloud Servers

Simply put, cloud computing is computing on servers in highly secure and controlled data centers outside your office which are accessed via an Internet connection. Night Tech provides the most current Hyper-Visor cloud experiences available. Our Nashville based data centers host our cloud servers and services providing you a private and personal network experience.

Disaster Recovery

Companies cannot always avoid disasters, but with careful planning, the effects of the disaster can be minimized. There is no one right type or one size fits all of disaster recovery plan. Night Tech analysis and deployment strategies restore day-to- day operations and alleviate owner and employee worries.

Remote Monitoring

(RMM) Remote monitoring and management is our proactive approach to maintaining and supporting your company’s computer health. With our advanced monitoring solutions we save you from unnecessary downtime, receive proactive maintenance and early detection and minimize business disruption.

Network Design

Ensuring a seamless network is paramount to work flow and profitability. Whether your network is a single office or multi-location, Night Tech engineers offer proven network design and implementation services.

Network Security

Night Tech highly trained engineers are constantly analyzing and diagnosing network vulnerabilities 24 x 7. Using todays most sophisticated monitoring and reporting systems, Night Tech keeps “you”, the client in front of potential issues that could affect your network stability and your company profits. By controlling data access, firewall configuration and monitoring our engineers often resolve issues before you are aware.

Server Virtualization

Current trends in technology show that companies virtualize their onsite servers or virtualize them in hosted data centers for several great reasons. Proper virtualization guarantees quick and easy scalability and accessibility. Instant capacity technologies allow Night Tech to grow your network with a simple click of the button.

Wireless Solutions

It’s a new world and delivering enterprise class WI-FI to all your devices has become a challenge for the modem office. With Night Tech wireless expertise at the core of your wireless network, protecting users, company data and your business with our network-based security wireless systems guarantees flexibility to meet changing needs. Whether you need a small office or 1000 acres, Night Tech can provide all your wireless needs.

Backup Solutions

Today’s enterprise is vastly different from five years ago. With the percentage of workforce becoming mobile, the chances of data breach have risen significantly. Night Tech offer the perfect solution to all your Endpoint backup needs.