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    About Us

    At Night Technologies, our lifeblood is your data. Your company’s data must be safe, secure and attainable to those and only those you want to have access to it. Night Technologies has existed and thrived as a top-notch Computer Technology firm for over 20 years in Middle Tennessee. Our clients are primarily referrals from other satisfied clients.

    Our mission is to provide our clients with a broad array of innovative technology solutions.

    Why has Night Technologies been able to grow and prosper for so long?

    The answer is quite simple. We understand that your company expects and deserves a professional technology service for a reasonable price.

    We enable our clients to optimally perform in the present and prepare for the future by offering advice, planning upgrades and helping them stay abreast of emerging technologies.

    We partner with like-minded companies that offer a wide-variety of related services. All of these companies conduct their business at a level equal to our own. The bottom line is we are able to provide proven solutions to almost any IT project.

  • Night Technologies is locally owned and operated in Nashville, TN.


    Night Technologies is in the business of planning, deploying and supporting Information Technology hardware and software solutions.

    We constantly research new and innovative ways for people and businesses to work and have technology work for you. A Night Technologies client has the latest solutions for the challenges of today’s marketplace at their fingertips.

    The choice for your Technology service provider… strategically priced below the market.

    Our reputation is that of a responsiveness, competence, and flexibility.

    We have grown from a one-man shop into a vast collection of talents providing customers with integrated, one-stop shopping solutions for their technology needs (including hardware, software, security, networking, licensing and staffing services).

    Founded 1991 by Wayne Adams

    Night Technologies is a full-service technology company. We develop a customized technology solutions to meet your business needs.